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We Accept Registrations Anytime!
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Thank you for your interest in Kopperud TaeKwon-Do on Faithfull Avenue,
Saskatoon’s finest twin-studio Martial Arts training facility!
We accept new members anytime!
Fall Schedule Begins: Tuesday September 4

Now for our regular schedule and tuition information:
(Regular prices do not reflect the family discount we offer all the time)

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS: We offer family rates of 10% off monthly tuition for 2 in the same household, 20% off for 3, 30% off for 4…up to 50% off for a family of six enrolled.  We also offer “term” discounts up to 20% off regular tuition fees when paying for 5-months or more up front. (pay for 5 months save 5%, 10 months save 10%, 12 months save 12%, 2 years save 20%) We are pleased to offer full-time post-secondary students 30% off monthly or term tuition fees. Note: GST will be added to all fees below.

Our Little Ninja’s Program is for little ones 4-5 years old. 
(Preschool and kindergarten age)  
Classes are 1/2 hour long and will run:
Thursdays ‪at 6:30pm
Saturdays ‪at 10:00am
Monthly Tuition
Choose one class per week:  $51.00 per month
Choose two classes per week:  $63.00 per month
When registering, there is a $30.00 registration fee,
and you purchase a very cute little uniform for around $59.00

Our Children’s Program is designed for children in Kindergarten to Grade 2. (So more mature 5 year olds have this second option, if they’ve grown out of Little Ninja’s). There is a little more structure with this age group and they do occasional friendly “testing” to move through the belt stripes. Classes are 1 hour.
Mondays ‪5:30pm
Wednesdays ‪6:00pm
Thursdays ‪4:30pm
Saturdays ‪10:00am
Monthly Tuition
Choose one specific class per week: $78.00 per month
Choose two specific classes per week: $88.00 per month
Unlimited classes (whatever days, as many times/week as you like) $93.00
Also budget for the $30.00 Registration Fee and for a uniform, around $60.00.

Our Junior Program for kids in grade 3-5. Classes are 1 hour.
Monday 6:00pm
Tuesday 5:00pm
Wednesday 5:30pm
‪Thursday 5:00pm
Saturday 10:30am

Monthly tuition
Choose one specific class per week:  $79.00 per month
Choose two specific classes per week $89.00 per month
Unlimited (come to any class, as many times per week as wish, flexible) $94.00

Registration $30.00 Uniform approx. $61.00
The above classes focus on a child-appropriate curriculum. Once members are in grade 6, they learn the same curriculum as adults. At this point, it is very helpful to come twice per week, as there is a lot to learn.  We offer beginner classes for youth and adults together, and one opportunity for youth to be without adults.

Youth Program for grades 6-8.  Class is 1 hour.
There is only one class for this age group exclusively (Mondays 5:00pm)
Youth are also welcome at all belt-specific and youth/adult open classes.

The second class would be a BELT SPECIFIC class.  (Specific self-defense for your level, forms, etc.) Youth and adults are together in a white belt class, or green belt or blue belt or whatever level they have attained.

White Belt/Yellow-Belt/Beginner Classes held :
Tuesdays ‪5:30pm and Thursdays ‪6:00pm

Green-Belt / Blue-Stripe Classes held :
Tuesdays ‪6:00pm and Thursdays ‪5:30pm

Blue-Belt, Red-Belt, Black-Belt classes held :
Tuesdays and Thursdays ‪7:00pm using both our studios.

A second opportunity for youth and adults are OPEN classes that focus on fitness, (more than the curriculum specific to their level). These classes are more of a general workout, with drills and exercises that do not rely so much on which belt you wear.

OPEN Classes for Youth, High School and Adult:
‪Mondays ‪6:30pm – Wednesdays ‪6:30pmSaturdays ‪11:00am

Youth: Monthly Tuition (grade 6-8)
Two classes per week $90.00
Unlimited classes $96.00

High School Monthly Tuition
 (grade 9-12)
Two classes per week $91.00
Unlimited classes $97.00

Adult Monthly Tuition

Two classes per week $92.00
Unlimited classes $98.00

Also budget for registration fee $30.00 and uniform purchase.

So … that is LOTS of information!!  If you need help wading through it all,
email  gmk@unifiedtkd.com  We accept new members anytime!

All the best to you and your family.

Grand Master S.L.Kopperud
IX-Dan Black-Belt, President


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