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About Unified Taekwon-Do

Unified TaeKwon-Do Master’s Oath

(Read aloud and signed at promotions to the “Master” Instructor Levels)

I understand that this rank and title bring with them, not only honor and respect, but also an increase in duty and responsibility. I, therefore, commit myself to fulfilling these obligations and opportunities to the best of my ability using the gifts and skills God has given me.

I pledge my allegiance and my loyalty to my instructor and to Unified TaeKwon-Do International, and will do my utmost to live by the tenets of the art and this organization: Honor, Humility, Discipline, Patience, Charity, Discernment and Perseverance.

I acknowledge that this achievement, though the result of personal efforts, is made possible only through the support of others and by the grace of God. It is with gratitude, humility and determination, therefore, that I accept this rank, this title and this honor.


Unified TaeKwon-Do International (UTI) is a non-political international organization dedicated to the continuing development and evolution of TaeKwon-Do. Students, Instructors and Masters world-wide retain complete control over their operations while receiving the quality resources, support and international recognition they deserve.

History of Grand Master Scott Luther Kopperud, B.ED., REC.ADMIN., IX-DAN
( aka: Pastor Scott )

After training in TaeKwon-Do for only two years, Scott Kopperud gave up hockey to pursue the dream of achieving his Black-Belt, which he did two years later. Since that time, many years ago, he has gone on to become a Canadian National TaeKwon-Do Champion three times in both Forms and Free-Fighting, and twice in Board-Breaking. Kopperud is certified in both the “world” and “international” styles of TaeKwon-Do as a Master Instructor. With over five years experience as a high school teacher in the areas of physical education, English and special needs education, Kopperud has dedicated most of his time for nearly four decades to developing and refining the “Kopperud” system of TaeKwon-Do instruction.

Dropping all other professional activities in 1991, he has dedicated his time solely to TaeKwon-Do, the expansion of his Canadian schools and the development of Unified TaeKwon-Do International. Kopperud travels often, giving seminars and providing quality instruction and support to TaeKwon-Do instructors world wide. Master Kopperud was examined and promoted to the rank of 7th Dan Black-Belt many years ago in the United States by a panel of 12 TaeKwon-Do and Martial Arts Masters. This examination was witnessed and endorsed by over one hundred TaeKwon-Do Black-Belts. Kopperud was the youngest North American to achieve this rank and is the first to do so in both the “international” and “world” styles.

On June 4, 1999 in Cologne, Germany, Scott L. Kopperud was promoted to the rank of 8th Dan Black-Belt Grand Master by an International Panel of TaeKwon-Do Experts, Grand Masters, Masters, Chief Instructors and Instructors. Grand Master Kopperud is the youngest TaeKwon-Do practitioner to achieve this rank which was awarded to him for dedication to the development and continuing evolution of TaeKwon-Do as well as his superior physical and technical expertise in the execution of the art.

GMK demonstrated his skill, passion and soul before being awarded his 9th Degree Black-Belt in May 2008. Distinguished guests, International Representatives, Instructors, Black-Belts, Students and enthusiastic fans observed dramatic exhibitions while celebrating the completion of the Unified TaeKwon-Do Curriculum as “OMEGA”, UTI’s final form, was revealed. Finally, Grand Master Kopperud’s 9th Dan Black-Belt was presented by National, State and Provincial representatives and tightened by Instructors, Black-Belts, Students, close friends and Family.

Grand Master Kopperud, his wife Carol Ann and their four children (now all grown up), Christine (3rd Dan Black-Belt), Rachel (2nd Dan Black-Belt), David (4th Dan Black Belt) and Matthew (3rd Dan Black Belt), have been in Saskatoon since August 1991 when he opened his first Saskatchewan school. His Saskatoon school has grown from 22 to over 300 members. With eight years of post-secondary education in Recreation Administration, Education and Theology, Kopperud, with a genuine love for what he does, continues to develop and refine his teaching skills in the ever evolving Martial Art of TaeKwon-Do.

In December of 2015 Grand Master Kopperud accepted the Call of God and Invitation of his Church to serve as their Senior Pastor, a Ministry he continues to this day.

“I am honored to have made the friends and colleagues I have through the Art of TaeKwon-Do and I am sincerely grateful for the personal encouragement and support I have received throughout my Martial Arts journey for over four decades. I look forward to many more years of Ministry through TaeKwon-Do and I am confident that together, we will continue to build friendships through mutual support as we take this art to the next level. I thank God for my Family, for an Art that fosters relationships and for the opportunities this has presented for Ministry.”
Pastor Scott (aka: GMK ) Colossians 3:12-17

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